Lion Sands Tinga Lodge

Tinga Lodge

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Tinga Lodge, with nine private suites, making it a very personal experience. Our Lion Sands staff are often called mind readers, sometimes saints and quite frequently invited to go back home with our guests (an invitation which they politely decline). They make it possible for guests to surrender, with every need taken care of and the guests' comfort their first priority. Life at Lion Sands has a timeless quality, where you can get lost in a moment, and take the time to really explore this piece of Africa on the banks of the Sabie River. If you want to escape from real life, Lion Sands is where you need to go. Lion Sands is subtle, sophisticated and serene - it's an escape that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

Tinga deck

Lion Sands Tinga Lodge: The Lodge style is grand and spacious with a feeling of historical opulence. The main areas are double volume opening out onto breath-taking wooden viewing decks which end a few feet from the Sabie River.