Numbi Gate

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Numbi Gate is one of the loveliest entrances into the Kruger Park because its higher altitude gives you a sweeping vista over the lowveld to the east and the granite foothills to the north and south.

Numbi gate in the South West of the Park and is one of the most convenient ways to access the park from nearby Nelspruit. Numbi gate is only 428km from Johannesburg.

Although the Southern Region of the Kruger Park is relatively small, it is the busiest section of the national park.  The Southern Kruger's popularity is often said to be simply because it is the most accessible region of the reserve, but the truth is that this is also where the best game viewing is to be had. This region, easily accessed via the Numbi Gate, is greener than  the northern Kruger and sustains a wide variety of game in great numbers.

For animal safety, all driving inside the Kruger Park is at a snails pace, and injuring an animal is not taken lightly. Because driving over 40kmph is not permitted in the Kruger National Park, a journey from North to South takes about 10 hours of driving time. This makes it crucial to plan your trip into the Kruger very carefully. All gates close at dusk, including Numbi, and no driving is permitted inside the park after dark.