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Crocodile Bridge Gate

South Eastern Gate

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Crocodile Bridge Gate is the most eastern entrance to Kruger National Park. Crocodile Bridge Gate can be entered in from the N4 road. The N4 travels along Nelspruit and Malelane into Komatiepoort. It is one of the hottest areas, going over 40 degrees C (104 degrees F) in summer. It’s also in close proximity to the border gate between South Africa and Mozambique

Crocodile Bridge Gate is named after the Crocodile River. For those who are heading into the south-eastern section of the Park, Crocodile Bridge is the most direct way of doing so. With Crocodile Bridge having a high concentration of game, wildlife viewing opportunities are high and exciting.

A short distance from the gate, you will find Crocodile Bridge Camp – equipped with a petrol (gas) station, essentials and food. Please note that this camp usually floods during heavy rainfall.

A highlight is that Crocodile Bridge is Rhino territory, the white Rhino is often seen in mixed woodland while the shy black Rhino stays deep in the thorn thickets