Central Camps

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As the story goes, Satara Restcamp owes its name to an anonymous Indian surveyor who was sent by the citizens of the newly proclaimed Transvaal Republic, who split up the region for settlement. On his map, the surveyor marked the area that is present-day Satara with the Hindi word 'satra', which means 17. Satara’s bustling character comes from its ability to accommodate 200+ people and its central location, which hosts a community of campers set out in a series circles in the middle of the Kruger Park. Diverse and rich, the wildlife in the area is not difficult to spot and the landscape offers a myriad of sights and places to explore.

Rustic and communal, the camp borrows much of its ambience from the rugged and untamed bush in which it is located. The flat plains of Satara camp are scattered with large Marula and Knobthorn trees, and ambient nights are set to the restless noises of fruit bats, cicadas and crickets being met by owl calls and the roar of the lion. Some of the most popular animals to be seen in the area are giraffe, kudu, impala, waterbuck, zebra, warthog, wildebeest, buffalo, hippo, cheetah and hyena.

Satara camp has a firm reputation for being one of the best spots in the world for viewing large cats. Attracted by the herds of antelope that come to graze here on the fertile land of the plains, lion, leopard and cheetah are often spotted stalking their prey nearby the camp – a spectacular sight that you’re unlikely to forget. Expert guides and trackers are on-hand to take guests on game drives and walks, where they can spot the Big Five, learn about the intricacies of bushveld ecology and come to grips with nature at her finest.

Accommodation options include luxury bungalows, guest cottages, guest houses and camp sites which are all well-facilitated and situated with panoramic views of the park’s animals and wilderness. This means that there is ample place to rest your head and something to suit the lodging requirements of every kind of traveler at Satara Restcamp.

Considering its size, Satara is actually quite remote. The Orpen Gate is the closest point of entry and sits about 50 km to the west of the camp. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as the H7 that leads from the gate to camp boasts mostly flat plains for surroundings. Arrive at the park early and enjoy a leisurely game drive to Satara.

  • Restaurant: Yes
  • Shop: Yes
  • Swiming pool: Yes
  • ATMs: No
  • Credit card facilities: Yes
  • Mobile reception: Great