What to Wear


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For the summers, bring clothes that are cool and comfortable, along with an umbrella or rain jacket, as this is when most of the country gets rain. A light jacket or wrap is a good precaution. Don't forget a swimming costume.

· The winters are generally mild, comparing favourably with European summers. But we do get some days when temperatures sky-dive, especially in high-lying areas such as the Drakensberg, so be prepared with jerseys and jackets. If you are going to the Cape, rain gear will be needed in this season.

· Always bring a hat - the sun can be strong even in the winter months. Make sunglasses, a hat and sun block a firm part of your skincare kit.

· Walking shoes are a good idea all year-round, with warm socks in the winter.

· If you are doing business in the country, business attire may be called for, although some sectors of the corporate world e.g. media for example tend to dress down these days.

· For game viewing, a couple of neutral-toned items will be useful, but there's no need to go overboard and kit yourself out like David Livingstone, out to explore Africa for the first time.

· For the evening, if you are dining at an upmarket restaurant or seeing a show, go the smart-casual route.

Leave some room in your suitcase so you can purchase some South African clothing; information on local designers can be obtained from the web. Look out for local labels like Hip Hop, Stoned Cherrie, Maya Prass, Eboka and more.