Plains Camp

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Plains Camp has four luxury African explorer-style tents with en-suite (hot running water) and all  the comforts of home, plus the African Wilderness on your doorstep.  Built in authentic pioneer tradition it has the serenity of a 19th century naturalists retreat, nestled in an Acacia Knobthorn thicket and overlooking the spectacular Timbitene plain and waterhole. An Africana book collection and antique treasures are reminiscent of a golden era.

A generator and a back-up battery system power overhead  fans and 24 hour lighting. The generator system can be used to re-charge camera  batteries at specific times. There is also a Communal Lounge and Dining Area with an outside fireplace. 


In keeping with the ethics of Rhino  Walking Safaris “tread lightly on the land”, no trees were cut down in the  construction of this camp. No concrete was used – all structures are canvas and  wood.

Staying at Plains Camp guests have the opportunity to go on Game Walks. Guests will follow the paths of the elephants and the rhino for more or less 3 to 4 hours. Exploring the beauty of the river beds, open plains and African Savannah.