Pafuri Gate

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There are many fine old baobabs in the surrounding landscape. The Limpopo River runs in a parallel arc to the north of the road, but is not visible. There are a series of pans along the Limpopo which are important feeding grounds in summer for migrant water birds. Access to the pans is restricted to guests at The Outpost and Pafuri Game Lodge.

Pafuri Gate takes one directly into the northern sandveld between the Limpopo and Luvhuvu Rivers. This area is one of the most ecologically diverse parts of the Park, incorporating a variety of vegetation types and microclimates. The shrub mopane to the east of the H1-9 is one of the driest localities in Kruger. The vegetation here is intriguing as it is a mixture of South African lowveld and tropical African woodlands.

Dominant trees in this part of the sandveld are the mopane, various bushwillow species, silver cluster-leaf and white syringa trees. They form a fairly dense blanket of vegetation between the protruding sandveld koppies. There is not much game along the H1-9 until one gets closer to the Luvuvhu River where there is rich and diverse animal life.